Organisations are revisiting the approach to outsourcing their marketing efforts due to a varied number of business factors within the Industry. This is mainly due to the digital era consistently evolving and the required personnel skill-set needed within the marketing team. A typical marketing department may have personnel to cover a multiple ranges of marketing disciplines: 1, Strategic Marketing Manager or Head of Department 2, Digital Channel Manager: a person to manage, design web content, converse online with suppliers, customers, potential customers, blog, create online lead-generated campaigns and manage analytic's. 3, Campaign Executive: from the delivery of online and offline content and collateral, graphic design and creative design. In some cases, this person may liaise with external suppliers for campaign placement 4, Public Relations Writer 5, Event Manager/Executive In some companies, businesses cannot afford a marketing department with 4-5 personnel others do not have the requirement to staff these disciplines full or part time but may need a support on an ad-hoc basis. Top three reasons to outsource your marketing: 1, Business Objectives: The business objectives may require a focus to connect with suppliers, partners and customers via a new or specific marketing discipline. The messages may be varied from advertising and promotions to offering news and recommendations and simply promoting your brand. The business plan may dictate new marketing objectives this could be from a financial impact; lead generation of sales enquiries to look for commercial investment from suppliers. Companies may want to use an agency to test a specific marketing stream, view for the results and engagement and decide whether the investment ratio to results is worth employing a specialist full/part time staff member. Most agencies operate on a one-off project based contract (could be a branding project/campaign specific or the company needs to generate leads) to a permanent monthly retainer cost. 2, Staffing: Possibly the most common requirement agencies receive is to do with staffing, whether this is for a specific marketing purpose; campaign or for expertise on new brands or for event management. Discussions usually involve full marketing management from strategy, PR, editorial content, creative design to acting as a service provider. 3, Finance: Marketing staffing costs are not distinguished just by pay and assets, the digital marketing world is ever-evolving with new software, updated versions of software meaning the marketing and training costs plus required skill-set is forever increasing, thus affecting staffing budget. Agencies are great as they can act as interim staffing support (if people leave or as a complete support function), with no employer-employee contract and generally work out a cheaper option. Regardless of your reason in investigating how to outsource a marketing agency, make sure you ask for accreditations, testimonials and case studies or examples of work. If you have any questions, we would be happy to help you and you can use our Contact Us page for info

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